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Lady Gaga's New Valentino Campaign Celebrates The Power Of The Voice

Fragrances mean a lot of things to different people. Some scents evoke emotions associated with our past; others carry sentimental value, whether passed down by a loved one or an unpleasant reminder of a former lover. For Lady Gaga, the face of Valentino's new Voce Viva, fragrance serves as an extension of the strength, power, and confidence of one of her most innate gifts: voice.

Today, September 17, Valentino debuts the campaign for its Voce Viva fragrance titled #MyVoiceMyStrength. Known for her powerhouse vocals empowering messages on- and off-stage, Gaga explains that Voce Viva, which translates to "the voice is alive," celebrates the individuality and self-expression as everyone's voice "has its own life. It’s a force of nature. Nature is powerful."

The scent taps into Valentino‘s femininity and features a mélange of Italian bergamot, mandarin essence, orange blossom, and a whiff of vanilla and crystal moss accord. Voce Viva is packaged in a sleek glass bottle with pink detailing (a departure from Valentino's signature red), the same color of the flouncy gown Gaga dons in the campaign.


It took Gaga years to find the power of her voice and to use it for positive change. "I have to give confidence to myself for it to be real. I work on building it all the time. I focus on skills I have, and work from there. I feel like it's building a house that’s never finished. I also remind myself that skills can be simple," she explains via e-mail. "I believe most voices have the ability to positively impact, but all voices are impactful. This includes hateful voices, which is why hateful speech is so negatively powerful—why we need to fill the negative space with kind speech."

Shop the new Valentino Voce Viva below.


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